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Green Monday for a Great Week!

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All Green Monday recipes are meatless and vegan...
Tasty, healthy, versatile, they will help you feel good and pleased with yourself.



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Make Every Day Your Green Monday

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A group of Danish parliament members—from both the Alternative and Red-Green Alliance parties—recently pledged to go vegan for 22 days to raise awareness about how animal agriculture is devastating to the environment. “Going vegan for 22 days is not going the save the world in itself,” Red-Green Alliance’s environmental secretary Maria Gjerding said, “but it’s a great opportunity to put focus on Western consumption of animal products and the environmental and animal welfare problems it causes.”

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Irish beer brand Guinness has phased out animal products from its filtration process. The brand’s parent company Diageo confirmed that all Guinness stout sold on tap worldwide will now be vegan, with canned and bottled varieties to be vegan by the end of the year. “The brewery is delighted to confirm that this phase of the project is complete and all Guinness Draught produced in keg format at St. James’ Gate Brewery and served in pubs, bars, and restaurants around the world, is brewed without using isinglass to filter the beer,” a spokeswoman for the brand said.

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We are very happy and proud to announce the 10th annual ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living! The Croatian branch of Veganmania will be held in Zagreb's Main Square on September 8 and 9, 2017. We are expecting 40,000 visitors to browse the stands of our exhibitors of health food, organic and sustainable products, and cruelty-free beauty products from Croatia and abroad.

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