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Green Monday for a Great Week!

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All Green Monday recipes are meatless and vegan...
Tasty, healthy, versatile, they will help you feel good and pleased with yourself.



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Make Every Day Your Green Monday

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A recent debate at the Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) addressed the question of whether meat eating would be a thing of the past in 2100, or whether it will always be something certain members of society participate in. As part of the debate, the conference heard from vegans and farmers to get their perspective on what the future of farming held for the next few generations. Environmental campaigner George Monbiot claimed that adopting a plant based diet would become commonplace by 2100, just like the ‘motor car replace the horse and carriage, or the computer replaced the typewriter.’

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Bryan Adams has welcomed 2018 with a shout out to veganism. The musician and activist shared a "happy new year" message across multiple social media platforms, adding "go vegan".The comment comes after a particularly positive year for the vegan movement, with more consumers than ever opting for vegan diets, decreased sales of animal products and plant-based records being broken around the globe. In response to Bryan Adams’ post, one Instagram user wrote: "I went vegan in 2003 cause of you saying ‘if you love animals, you don’t eat them’."

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A commercial entitled “Hope, Not Hell” debuted this month in theaters across the United Kingdom, and currently runs before blockbuster films such as Star Wars, Pitch Perfect 3, and Murder On The Orient Express. The commercial was created by UK-based vegan nonprofit Viva! and features rescued pig Hope and her piglets experiencing freedom for the first time, syncing up her “dance of joy” to harrowing footage from factory farms. “We contrast her freedom with her sisters and brothers inside factory farms,” Viva founder Juliet Gellatley said, “so it is incredibly poignant.”

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