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Why should I personally join Green Monday?

There are five reasons for introducing Green Monday into your life: it is healthy, good for our planet, helps reduce hunger in the world, it is good for animals and it is very tasty!

According to alarming data from the World Health Organization, 90% of the Croatian population consumes less fruit and vegetables than recommended, whilst the Institute of Public Health Andrija Stampar says that every second citizen dies from heart and artery diseases. These illnesses can be prevented by making a change in your diet, considering the fact that meat increases cholesterol levels, as well as risks from certain cancers, diabetes and obesity.

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According to the UN report from 2010, food production, especially food of animal origin, affects 70% world water consumption and 38% of total usage of agricultural land. Food production is responsible for 19% of the total gas emission, which is more than world traffic produces.

World hunger is directly connected to animal farming. Whilst people starve, animals are force fed and this is how over 70% of resources are destroyed, i.e. grains and other food of plant origin that could be used to prevent world hunger.

Each year there are over 60 billion animals farmed and killed in the world for human consumption. This is just the number of land animals on farms. In just one of today’s slaughterhouses tens of thousands of animals are killed every day.

One day a week is just a start. This is why we offer complete information that you need in order to include healthy and sustainable changes in your everyday diet.


Why is it a good decision?

Every Monday you can make a good decision to join the new global movement that contributes to positive changes for the whole planet and also your own health. The good feelings that such a decision brings will give you the incentive to carry on and to encourage others to join the movement.

You won’t be able to hide your good mood on Mondays, and people around you will notice this. Surprise them! Bring vegan cake or some savoury vegetarian meal that you like best to your office or school and share it with your colleagues. Every Green Monday can be a new adventure for you and your nearest and dearest.


When do I reach my goal?

The overall goal of Green Monday is up to you. The basic goal is that you spend Mondays eating food of plant-based origin, i.e. not to incorporate food of animal origin in your diet. If this seems difficult, start with avoiding ingredients that contain animal meat, such as meat and fish.

On the following Mondays, start avoiding eggs, then milk, eating exclusively ingredients of plant origin at least once a week. You will discover the richness of the vegetarian diet and Green Monday will become a good and jolly habit. It is up to you whether you decide to extend this good habit to other days in the week; the more effort you put in, the more benefit there will be for you, animals and the environment we live in.


What if I am already vegetarian?

Vegetarians that include eggs and/or animal milk in their diet can also accept the Green Monday challenge. You can try out vegan recipes on your Green Mondays, i.e. learn to deep fry without eggs, make pancakes or cakes without eggs and use plant-based milk instead of animal milk.

The goal of Green Monday is for citizens to eat ingredients exclusively of plant-based origin which means that even vegetarians can take their first step towards veganism on Mondays.