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Green Point supports Green Monday as a bright spot which tries to bring vegetarianism and veganism closer to the people in order to raise the quality of life. Our society usualy feels that vegetarian diet and lifestyle are expensive and difficult to purchase, and because of that we in the Green Point are guided by a vision to prove the opposite to everyone. Plant life offers us a bunch of delicious cereals, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables with whose consumption can lead to a balanced and healthy diet. Monday is a great day for new beginnings and therefore we encourage everyone to think about their diet, lifestyle and ecology. One day in a week without the consumption of food of animal origin is a small matter that can initiate major changes.

Green Point – Natural Food Store


We have supported and joined the Green Monday campaign initiated by the Animal Friends Croatia as we are also ethically aware, prefer healthy diet and believe in preventing rather than treating. In spite of knowledge and experience, we gladly remind and make ourselves think about our eating, and eventually, living habits. Preparing animal-free meals can be a challenge at first. However, with a little motivation, some education, and high-quality ingridients, one can easily become skilled at it. We wish you a lot of success, and may your/our every week starts healthy, consciously and caring.

Ivana Lazic, Konoplja&Co


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