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The role of a mother is for me the most important mission in life. Besides wanting my son to be responsible and emphatic towards all living beings (…) I find the responsibility towards diet to be synonymous for love and that is the reason why we have more than one Green Monday per week in our home. If Green Monday became a habit in every home in Croatia, we would send more than one important message. A healthy plant-based diet represents good energy that can help us overcome all obstacles. Teaching our children to be aware of the living beings around us and our responsibility towards them can help create a happier society as a whole.

Irina Culinovic, www.ordinacija.hr


I am glad to offer my support to the Green Monday campaign, which is an initiative that encourages people to eat exclusively vegetal foods one day a week. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, heart conditions, malign growths, behavioural disturbances, allergies, and other autoimmune diseases are increasingly present today even in small children, and they are often consequences of nutritional habits accumulated over generations. Foods of animal origin, especially those that are readily available through conventional production, contain too many omega-6 fatty acids, which causes infections, and are also sources of billions of pathogenic organisms and toxins. Introducing one day a week when no food of animal origin is consumed will encourage people to explore vegetal foods and recipes, which will lead to a change in their perception of vegetal foods. Educating people about adequate vegan nutrition is necessary in order to provide comprehensive guidelines about healthy nutrition, which is needed to make these changes permanent.

Zrinka Babić, Association 3L

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