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In order to introduce the ZeGeVege Festival, Animal Friends prepares dishes of plant origin for the President's Office

- August 31, 2013, Pantovcak: vegan meal with President Ivo Josipovic

Ivo Josipovic, the President of Republic of Croatia, received members of Animal Friends for a talk in May 2013. On this occasion the delegation from Animal Friends highlighted the fact that the Animal Protection Act is not enforced in Croatia, animal protection inspection does not exist and, with more than 160 thousand vegetarians and vegans in Croatia, lack of veggie meals in kindergartens and schools means that the basic human right to a meal is being disrespected.

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Hempburghers and ice cream made of vegetal milk announce the ZeGeVege Festival on September 6-7

- August, 23 at Trg bana Jelacica: Carrotsy and Peasy will announce the two-day festival of sustainable living

On Friday, August 23, starting at 11:00 A.M., Animal Friends will hand out hempburghers at Trg ban Jelacica to those who show up first at the association’s info-stall. Besides the hempburghers, we will distribute vegan ice cream, all in order to announce the many interesting events expected at the ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living, which will take place at the same location two weeks later, namely on September 6-7, 2013, with a rich program on stage and around it.

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