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Animal Friends organizes a unique, educational and interesting program and invites to the fourth ZeGeVege Festival!

- Special guest Heather Mills; joined by Croatian celebrities Fani Stipkovic, Luka Nizetic, Lea Dekleva, Petra Nizetic, Renata Sopek, etc.

Along with the tenth anniversary, Animal Friends this year organizes even more diverse ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living. Citizens in Croatia have recognized the value of ZeGeVege Festival, which wants to present numerous ways of using the essential natural resources without destroying the environment, endangering animals and the well-being of other people. What makes ZeGeVege Festival unique is that all products which are axhibited and sold do not contain any animal based ingredients and are not tested on animals.

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Renata Sopek in the Green Monday campaign

- Famous fit television host invites citizens to adopt a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables

Animal Friends started, under the sposorship of the City of Zagreb, a long-running campaign Green Monday. In this way it has joined an international campaign, currently implemented in more than 20 countries around the world and keeps growing. The goal of the campaign is to help people improve their health and the health of their environment by switching to a plant based diet at least one day a week. This simple message enables everyone to enrich their table with their favorite plant based dishes and to explore the benefits of the meatless diet for their health.

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