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Announcing the large ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living, an open-air veggie cooking workshop will be held

- Everyone is invited to attend a free workshop at King Tomislav Square in Zagreb

Announcing the ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living, Animal Friends has organized an interesting veggie cooking workshop that will take place one week before the Festival, on Friday September 19 at King Tomislav Square. Everyone is invited to take a look at the unique demonstration of creating various vegan dishes and to taste them as well.

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As part of the Green Monday campaign Animal Friends launches an on-line veggie guide with about one thousand plant based products

On Monday, June 21, at 12 noon, at the Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb Animal Friends will set up blankets where they will sit, relax and enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables, to encourage citizens to join the Green Monday campaign, e.i. to eat plant based foods for at least one day a week, on Mondays.

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Animal Friends starts a long-term campaign sponsored by the City of Zagreb

Green Monday is a campaign by Animal Friends and the City of Zagreb to help people improve their health and the health of their environment by adopting a plant based diet one day a week.

With this campaign Croatia has joined the campaign which is already implemented in many countries in the world. Gent in Belgium was the first city to introduce one vegetarian day a week, an example which was followed by Sao Paolo in Brazil, Tel Aviv in Israel, Cape Town in South Africa Republic, as well as other cities in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Finland, USA, Brazil, Netherlands and Taiwan.

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