Chickpeas with Tahini Sauce Salad













For tahini: 200 grams of sesame
For the sauce: 2 tablespoons full of tahini, juice of one lemon, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, bigger pinch of salt, a little pepper
For the salad: canned chickpeas (or cup cooked), 3-4 fist of spinach or other greens for the foundation (winter mixed leaf lettuce, chicory, spring cabbage...)

Clean the spinach and let it soak in cold water.
Fry sesame seeds in a dry pan over medium heat. Stir all the time. After a few minutes they will start to slowly change color and release the scent. If you want tahini to be milder you can remove it after short time from the fir. If you continue to fry them, tahini will be more aromatic, but also more bitter. Do not go overboard with it, because it can quickly become inedible.
Roasted sesame switch in the blender and, occasionally by scraping blender edges, chop them until you get the paste. Depending on how much sesame was greasy, it is possible that you will get something in the range of rough paste until smooth cream. Transfer the final product in a jar. For today's salad you will need two spoons, and the rest can last till one week at room temperature.
Now here's the sauce: Mix all ingredients in a small jar. Cover and shake well. Arrange well-drained spinach in a bowl, put chickpeas on it and pour over the sauce. Mix before serving.

As a side dish, or as a main dish with a piece of crunchy whole wheat bread, the salad of chickpeas with tahini sauce is very tasty. You can put it in bread and add a little bit of chilli. This meal is healthy, full of nutrients and is prepared quickly, especially if you don't mind to use canned chickpeas. As the main spice use tahini, a paste of roasted sesame, which is easy to prepare at home and it is good to always have. As part of this recipe are the instructions for making tahini.

The recipe was inspired by Middle Eastern flavors.

Source: The recipe has been prepared by Marko Ćustić. It is a property of and further copying is not allowed.


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