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Asparagus, Zucchini and Tofu Pasta


200g of pasta without eggs

1/2 laces of asparagus

1 zucchini

200g of fresh tofu

1 onion

Turmeric, pepper, salt, basil

Coconut oil






On coconut oil fry turmeric, finely chopped onions and asparagus (only the upper part that breaks easily and that is not hard). After about five minutes add chopped zucchini and after ten minutes sliced fresh tofu, which is enough to slightly connect with other ingredients. Add salt, pepper and basil. When done serve with pre-cooked pasta. Healthiest variant of this meal is with integral pasta but if you do not have it, the regular one will also do as well. Enjoy your meal!

Prepared by Mirjana Dajović and posted with her kind permission.

Photo: Mirjana Dajović

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