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Chickpea Falafel


1 cup of dried chickpeas

1 small onion

3 cloves of garlic

Handful of parsley

Teaspoon of salt


Teaspoon of cumin

½ teaspoon of baking powder




Soak chickpeas overnight in plenty of water - make sure they swell. Put them in the blender the next day with other ingredients and grind. Don’t make the paste completely smooth - make it look more like crumps paste. Leave the mixture for half an hour.

With wet hands, shape small balls about 3 centimeters in diameter. If you feel that they’re on the verge of falling apart, don’t worry. Place them carefully into the oil and deep fry until they get golden color.

Serve with tahini sauce, flat bread and a bunch of fresh chopped vegetables.

Tahini sauce? Here’s the recipe.

First, tahini - if you didn’t buy it in the store, do it yourself. It’s much cheaper and it also seems tastier. Take 200 grams of sesame seeds and fry them in a dry pan for about 5 minutes (until they start to smell like roasted sesame seeds and the seeds begin to change the color). Put them in a blender and, occasionally scraping the edges, grind until the mix becomes creamy. This is tahini. Any extra sauce can be stored in a jar, used with the humus or spread on bread.
Now take two tablespoons of tahini and mix them with the lemon juice. Add a spoon of water, little by little, and stir until you get a nice texture, about the same as on my photo.

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Photo: Fresh.hr

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