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Marinated Beetroot


1 beetroot

Olive oil

Fresh pepper and salt

Little bit of red peppers

Little bit of aceto balsamico (or cider vinegar)

A few drops of tamari

Fresh or dried garlic

A little bit of rosemary or thyme

Little bit of agave or a malt

Fresh parsley



Cook the beetroot, chop finely and marinate in olive oil with fresh pepper and salt, red pepper, aceto balsamico (can be a little bit of apple cider vinegar), a few drops of tamari, fresh or dried garlic, a little bit of rosemary or thyme, a little agave or a malt. Marinate at least for 1 hour. Finally, add fresh parsley. First briefly simmer beetroot in the pan and add the selected wheat (add little bit water) until everything gets soft. It takes about 10 minutes. Add a little more seasoning if necessary.

Prepared by Iva JaneŇ° and posted with her kind permission.

Photo: Iva JaneŇ°

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