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Pepper Rice with Roasted Pumpkin


6 peppers

3 zucchini

Rapeseed oil or cocoa butter


Mixture of spices (optionally)

Yellow or white pumpkin

Brown rice






This dish is cheap yet tasty and nutritious and those who don't like onions can also eat it. First, chop the peppers into cubes and shred it. Peppers can be green, yellow or red. Cut the pumpkin into chunks. Pumpkin can be yellow or white. Put the pumpkins in the baking pan and sprinkle them with a mixture of spices, salt (optionally) and a few drops of oil on each piece, and bake in the oven at 200 degrees. Put salt on the peppers and stew on rapeseed oil or coconut butter, then add spices and rice. Stir and immediately add water in the amount three times greater than the amount added to the rice. Boil until the rice is cooked and soaks the water to obtain simple and fine pepper rice. Remove pumpkins from the oven and serve them with rice. That perfectly goes with green salad with tomatoes, seasoned as desired. You can sprinkle rice with ground or whole sesame. Enjoy the fruits of autumn.

Photo: Animal Friends Croatia

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