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Autumn Shades On the Plate


1 head of chinese cabbage

2 large carrots

400 g of lens

1 onion

2 garlic cloves

Turmeric, red pepper, bay leaf, pepper, salt

Ground flax seeds

Olive oil

Corn grits




Simmer onions in olive oil for about 10 minutes and then add the turmeric and chopped garlic. Add carrot slices, little bit of water and simmer all together for a few minutes. Then, add sliced ​​chinese cabbage, little bit of water and spices (red pepper, laurel leaves, salt and pepper). Cover it and cook 30 minutes. Finally, add the drained lens, whether canned or pre-cooked. On the side cook grits or polenta. In water (8 dl) put salt and olive oil. When the water is hot add about 200 g of corn grits. If you prefer densely polenta then put a little bit more corn grits. Stir while cooking. Cook for about seven minutes. After serving, when the polenta cools down, sprinkle it with some ground flaxseed and that's it. A delicious and easy lunch in autumn shades :-).

Prepared by Mirjana Dajović and posted with her kind permission.

Photo: Mirjana Dajović

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