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Sauerkraut with Chickpeas


400 g of sliced sauerkraut

200 g of chickpeas

1 red (purple) onion

Coconut oil



Red pepper

Bay leaf

Sea salt



Fry the chopped onion and turmeric on coconut oil and then add the sauerkraut, salt, red pepper, a few peppercorns, bay leaf and a little bit of water. If you are uncomfortable with sauerkraut's excessive acidity, then you can rinse it with water before stewing, but not too much because you will wash out its good ingredients.
Sauerkraut should be cooked for about 20 minutes and at the end add canned or pre-cooked chickpeas. In addition to this meal you can cook whole potatoes with the skin because, during cooking, potato preserves its valuable ingredients and, therefore, such a method of preparation is considered the healthiest.

Prepared by Mirjana Dajović and posted with her kind permission.

Photo: Mirjana Dajović

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