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Walnut Banana Oatmeal













1 banana, raw; 1/2 tablespoon carob flour, 50 grams cereals, oats, regular and quick and instant, not fortified, dry [oatmeal, old-fashioned oats, rolled oats]; 1 tablespoon cocoa, dry powder, unsweetened; 1 teaspoon leavening agents, yeast, baker's, active dry; 2 tablespoons nuts, walnuts, black, dried; 10 grams seeds, chia seeds, dried; 1 tablespoon seeds, flaxseed; 1 tablespoon spices, cinnamon, ground [Cassia]; 0,2 liter water, tap, drinking


Blend together until smooth.

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Prepared by Vanja Lazić and posted with his kind permission.

Photo: Vanja Lazić

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