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Vegan view of the future revealed in emotional video featuring Schindler's List actor

on 17 June 2016

New figures released last month showed that half a million Brits are vegan - but this video shows a world in which we have all turned our back on animal products. In the clip, titled Hope, vegan Schindler's List actor Jochen Nickel plays a grandfather walking with his grandson through ruins of an abandoned factory farm."Who are we?" he says in voiceover. "What defines us? We pretended they couldn't feel. What was it that made us so blind? Our compassion buried beneath selfishmess. Who gave us the right?" But even though he says that in his memory he "sees their pleading eyes", the farm is shown to be one of thousands closed when humans stopped eating animal flesh. "Their screams still echo in my ears, the smell of their fear stuck in my nose... Their blood on our hands, on our plates. No water will wash it away. No eternity will make it fade." But the video shows a future which may one day become a reality. Made by PETA Germany, the pair leave the past behind and walk into a sun-drenched field, which the charity are hoping may one day be a reality. (mirror.co.uk)

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