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Vegan ‘Bloody Burger’ Hits NYC Food Scene

on 08 August 2016

Impossible Foods, the Bay Area fake meat start-up that’s received millions in Silicon Valley venture funding, is now making a splash within the New York food scene. The completely plant-based burger that oozes a primal red color when squeezed tastes, apparently, just like beef. The company claims its burger uses 95 percent less land, 74 percent less water and emits 87 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its cattle-derived counterpart. Impossible Foods is one of several fake meat start-ups that is scoring Silicon Valley buzz and dollars, while promising to disrupt the global food industry for the better. Beyond Meat makes a chicken breast alternative derived from pea powder and organic soy. And those meat alternatives can be served with a side of Just Mayo from Hampton Creek, a San Francisco-based food technology company that produces vegan alternatives and uses a varietal of yellow peas to mimic the creamy texture that eggs give to mayonnaise. (triplepundit.com)

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