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The Go Palm Oil Free Challenge! Will you join?

on 01 February 2017

Animal Friends Croatia joined the Go Palm Oil Free Challenge, which will run throughout February, starting on February 1st, the International Palm Oil Free Day. Palm oil is in almost all packaged products: chips, cookies, soups, sauces, personal care products, cleaning products etc. It is cultivated on a large scale where huge areas of tropical forest are destroyed. Habitats of humans and animals (like Sumatran Tigers and Orangutans) are destroyed. In addition, palm oil is not good for our health. As it includes up to 40% of harmful saturated fats that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Europe is a very large buyer of palm oil, and this must stop! In February we will weekly give you palm oil-free and vegan recipes for tasty snacks, simple dishes, personal care and cleaning products. But also links to websites of brands that are already 100% palm oil free certified by www.gopalmoilfree.com! Sign up and join the challenge!

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