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SPAR Croatia joined Green Monday!

on 29 September 2017

SPAR Croatia joined the worldwide Meatless Monday campaign by 10% discount on all Veggie products every Monday. The SPAR Veggie line includes a range of products that have a European Vegetarian Union certificate, and most of them are organic. Meatless Monday is an international campaign launched in the United States in 2003 to encourage consumers to ditch meat on Mondays and thus contribute to improve their health and the health of our planet. Croatian campaign called Green Monday is raising citizens' awareness of the importance of healthy eating and the impact of food production on the environment by encouraging the consumption of only plant-based meals at least once a week. The research partner of the initiative is The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health from Baltimore. The Meatless Monday campaign is being conducted in 44 countries and SPAR is the first retail chain to bring it to Croatia.

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