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Ex-dairy Farm Launches Delicious New Variety of Vegan Milk

on 03 November 2017

New York’s Elmhurst Dairy first made headlines back in 2016 after a dramatic change in business saw the end of cow milk production in favour of creating plant based beverages. This courageous move followed 92 years of dairy manufacturing, and was driven by CEO Henry Schwartz. “After 92 years in business, it was time to embrace a new model and look toward the future,” said Schwartz, aged 82. Leading the way with their innovative new products, Elmhurt’s product manager, Kimberly Behzadi said: “Our team, led by our CEO Henry Schwartz and renowned food scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, have developed a patented technology (called “milking”) that successfully harnesses the nutrition of almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and cashews without the need for stabilizers or other additives.” Schwartz added: “The plant-based milk category has exploded in recent years; people have discovered that this alternative to milk satisfies their dairy desire and can provide nutritional benefits.”.

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