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American Medical Association Tells Hospitals to go Vegan and Ban Meat & Dairy!

on 17 March 2018

During the annual AMA conference held in Chicago it was announced that based on scientific study, all hospitals and medical institutions should not only start to offer plant based foods in every facility but should also remove all meat, dairy and eggs from their menus. The conference is held every year by the American Medical association and is attended by world leading physicians who are responsible for developing our understanding of human health. Neal Barnard, M.D. (president of the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine) quoting from the conference said: “Plant based foods should be offered to every patient in the hospital. Bacon, sausage , eggs, ham and other processed meats should be removed” Several Doctors at the conference also confirmed, “This is exactly what we need” referring to plant based diets based on information provided by the World Health Organisation that state animal based products cause Colorectal (CRC) cancer and contribute to other heart related issues. (inourishgently.com)

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