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UK Could Ban Livestock Exports for Slaughter

on 26 April 2018

The UK could impose a ban on the export of live animals for slaughter after Brexit, according to Michael Gove. The environment secretary has launched a consultation into a ban and called on industry experts and campaigners to submit evidence. The consultation will also look at the possibility of introducing higher welfare standards for the transportation of live animals. Current rules of the European single market currently stop the UK from preventing the export of live animals for slaughter. Last year up to 20,000 live sheep, but no cattle, were exported to Europe. Live exports count for only a small proportion of the UK’s £2.4bn trade in meat and livestock products with the EU. Launching the consultation, Gove said the UK already had some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world but the government was committed to a manifesto promise to improve them further. “All animals deserve to get the respect and care they deserve at every stage of their lives,” he said. “With all options being considered, I am keen to hear from industry, the devolved authorities and charities on all possible options and evidence on this vital issue.” (theguardian.com)

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