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Uk Schools to Serve 3.1 Million Meatless Meals

on 21 September 2018

In a bid to improve student health across the nation, UK primary schools have committed to serving 3.1 million meatless meals within the next 12 months. The major change is part of the nonprofit organisation ProVeg UK’s School Plates programme, which works with schools and catering companies to improve school menus. Since summer, 110 primary schools have collaborated with ProVeg to create the new school dinner menus. Among the changes are compulsory Meat-Free Mondays and daily meatless options. Descriptions of menu items are also being altered, worded to encourage students to opt for the veggie choices. ProVeg also aims to have all processed red meat removed from menus. The organisation believes that schools – specifically, school canteens – are the ideal forum for young people to learn about healthy, sustainable diets. It says, “Schools can play an integral role in encouraging their pupils to establish healthy eating habits from early on and the School Plates programme is the perfect starting point.”

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