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Vegan-Friendly Stadium

on 24 June 2014

Centerplate, the food service provider of Levi's Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, just announced plans to offer vegan options at every single concession stand in the stadium! The items that will appear on the menu were created all in-house by Centerplate chefs. Some of the menu favorites include navy bean curry, Portobello boa bun, and BBQ Jackfruit sandwich. The CEO of Centerplate released a statement explaining why they have chosen to add these new items to the Levi's Stadium menu, "[the aim was to] design a hospitality program to usher in a new era of fan experience, and to match the Bay Area's diverse culture." Every game day, the stadium concession stands will be stocked with 14 vegan options and 26 vegetarian menu items. (onegreenplanet.org)

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