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on 04 November 2014

The United States will have its first ever all vegan school in 2015. MUSE School CA was founded by environmental activist Suzy Amis Cameron (aka wife of James Cameron) and her sister Rebecca Amis back in 2006. Since then, kids have been encouraged to "live consciously within themselves" and with solar panels across the school, classrooms built with recycled materials and 160 raised boxes for planting produce on site, the school has been doing the same. Now, getting rid of meat for good is the next eco-friendly move. "Each year since I've been here, we've eliminated one or two days of meat to the point where now we're just serving one meat meal a week," said Kayla Webb, who started working at the school three years ago when it served organic meat at lunch for students and staff every day of the week. "Starting next year, it’s going to be completely plant-based eating." (ecorazzi.com)

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on 29 October 2014

Over 95 percent of physicians are concerned about antibiotic resistance, a Consumer Reports poll found. And they have good reason to. Called a global threat by the World Health Organization and "the next pandemic" by CDC director Thomas Friedan, antibiotic resistance threatens their ability to do their jobs. Imagine being a doctor and having to tell a patient with a common but serious disease, like pneumonia, a urinary tract infection or gonorrhea, that there's nothing you can do to help them. In fact, this is already becoming their reality: of the 500 doctors polled, 85 percent said they'd treated a patient with a confirmed or suspected antibiotic-resistant infection; 35 percent saw their patient suffer serious complications or die as a result. There is, of course, a large role for doctors to play in helping to solve this problem: antibiotics lose their efficacy when they're overprescribed, which doctors have been known to do when they're uncertain about a diagnosis, when they're pressed for time or in order to placate pushy patients (salon.com)

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on 21 October 2014

Actress, author and vegan activist, Alicia Silverstone, explores her journey into motherhood in her new book, “The Kind Mama,” which explores raising children and inspiring them to be kind. The “Clueless” star, whose first book “The Kind Diet,” landed on The New York Times Best Seller List, spoke to The Miami New Times about some of the misconceptions people have about children eating a plant-based diet. “I think it’s usually about whether you and your child can get all the nutrients you need from this way of eating,” Silverstone said. “The reality is, not only will you be getting all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals you need from kind foods, but you’ll most likely even get higher doses than your animal-eating friends. In my book ‘The Kind Mama’, I include a handy chart that details exactly how these kind foods provide you with all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals you need.” Of course Silverstone’s biggest fan — and test subject — is her three-year-old son, Bear. “My son loves to eat. When he was younger and only spoke a few words, he would say ‘mochi’ or ‘daikon’! How many kids get excited about daikon?” Silverstone said. “He has never asked for meat or dairy. He is proud of being vegan.” That much was obvious when Silverstone threw her son a dream vegan bash for his third birthday in August, which served vegan foods like Olive Wood Pizza and Real Food Daily. Silverstone said, “I think the diet’s influence is pretty evident in that he is full of vibrant energy; he’s so smart, creative, and insanely sweet — like a magical little elf!” (ecorazzi.com)

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on 15 October 2014

A record one in eight British adults have turned vegetarian after ditching meat and fish, according to new research released on Sept 30. Some 12 per cent now follow vegetarian or vegan diets – rising to 20 per cent of those aged between 16 and 24, said analysts Mintel. And millions more are “flexitarians” cutting back substantially on the amount of meat they eat but not quite going the whole hog. Health and environmental reasons are the main factors behind the move, said Mintel’s report to coincide with World Vegetarian Day, Oct 1. This has led to a booming £625million-a-year market for meat-free products in 2013, which is expected to grow even more to £657million this year. (express.co.uk)

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on 07 October 2014

As first reported by People, the “Black-ish” star recently got into shape and lost 47 pounds. Anderson’s never been ashamed of his shape, weight or size and said, “I’ve always been confident. Being overweight was never an issue for me.” However, now that he’s shed the extra weight, Anderson declares, “This is what I’m supposed to look like.” Thirteen years ago, Anderson was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which forced him to make changes to his diet and lifestyle. He said, “I started eating healthier and in moderation, but I was still sort of eating the same stuff that I’d been eating all my life.” So, in 2008, he decided a “drastic change” was needed if he really wanted to impact his body. “I got more serious about my health and appearance – not from a vanity standpoint. I just started making healthier choices.” Those healthier choices included a recent transition to veganism. “Six weeks ago, I moved to a plant-based diet,” he revealed.. “I’m vegan-ish – I’m not going to send anything back to the kitchen if some butter or cream found its way onto the plate.” Anderson admits his “vegan-ish” lifestyle isn’t permanent, but he is proud of his choices and transformation. (ecorazzi.com)

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