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on 28 April 2017

The Physicians Committee organisation filed a lawsuit on April 12 to stop schools in California's Los Angeles Unified School District and Poway Unified School District from serving students processed meats—including hot dogs, pepperoni, and luncheon meat—which are linked to colorectal cancer. The lawsuit alleges that serving foods that have been linked to cancer in school lunches violates California’s Education Code, which mandates that school lunches must be of the "highest quality" and "greatest nutritional value possible." The World Health Organization recently released a report announcing that processed meats are "carcinogenic to humans." The authors highlighted a meta-analysis that found an 18 percent increased cancer risk per 50 grams of processed meat—the equivalent of one hot dog or two strips of bacon—consumed daily. The Physicians Committee sent both school districts a toolkit with information on removing processed meats from their menus, along with a booklet featuring affordable, student-tested plant-based recipes that lower the risk for colorectal cancer and heart disease. The Physicians Committee has also offered to send experts to assist with menu planning for the upcoming school year. (pcrm.org)

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on 14 April 2017

The usual image of Easter involves the excessive consumption of eggs and meat, which completely misses the point of a holiday that is meant to celebrate the victory of life over death. A large number of chickens and other animals are exploited and killed for the tradition of eating eggs, bacon, and cakes containing eggs to celebrate this holiday. About five billion female chickens are imprisoned every year so we can exploit their reproductive system. Every year, humans kill billions of unwanted newborn male chicks because of the habit of eating eggs. Eggs are not only cruel, but their consumption is also harmful to humans: eggs are cholesterol bombs, potential carriers of salmonella, and one of the causes of a deadly form of testicular cancer. While many are constantly dying of starvation and malnutrition on one side of our planet, the other relentlessly wastes natural resources to feed the habit of eating meat, eggs, and other animal products. Our dietary habits are directly related to world hunger and with our compassion towards others. Please celebrate this Easter with a vegan feast, which saves animals, the environment, and your health. Check out the veganized recipes of some Easter classics at the Animal Friends Croatia website.

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on 31 March 2017

A new publication in the American Journal of Nursing shows the benefits of plant-based diets for nurses and their patients. Nurses at three clinics adopted a plant-based diet with the Physician Committee's 21-Day Kickstart program, supplemented with nutrition education that reviewed the health implications of the diet, and tracked their weight and cholesterol levels. Three-quarters of the participants lowered their total cholesterol levels (a mean drop of 18 points), and more than half of the participants lost an average of 4.4 pounds. Participants reported increased energy levels and overall satisfaction with the program. The authors note the participants now view plant-based diets as a practical treatment for disease prevention. (ww.pcrm.org)

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on 24 March 2017

On March 3, 2017, the Portuguese parliament signed a bill into law that requires all public “cantinas”—or cafeterias in schools, universities, hospitals, and prisons—serve at least one "strictly vegetarian" (vegan) option. Portugal’s vegetarian organization Associação Vegetariana Portuguesa (AVP) launched a petition in 2015 to bring the issue in front of parliament. “The adoption of a vegetarian diet [...] reflects the freedom of choice of each individual, as it is openly declared and defended in the Portuguese Constitution, in accordance with democratic principles,” AVP’s petition states. After gaining more than 15,000 signatures on its petition, AVP’s proposal was approved by some of the political parties, which collectively cited the “freedom of choice in food” as the motivation behind enacting the bill. Public cantinas in Portugal are required to implement the mandate within six months. (vegnews.com)

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on 17 March 2017

In cooperation with a number of pizzerias in Croatia, Animal Friends are celebrating this year’s Meatout! For this occasion, celebrated all over the world on March 20th, we’re encouraging pizzerias to introduce a vegan pizza on their menu—that is, a pizza without ingredients of animal origin. On March 20th, 2017, at 11 am, visitors can try some of the pizzas at the Animal Friends stall in Zagreb's Ban Jelačić Square. The organization Farm Animals Rights Movement has been celebrating Meatout for 32 years, and Animal Friends are this year marking the 16th annual Meatout in Croatia. With the slogan "Vegan pizza for everybody", the organization wants to promote the benefits of a vegan diet. Animal Friends invite everyone to join in the Meatout celebration on March 20th and visit pizzerias that introduced the vegan offer or make homemade pizza. "Let the arrival of spring be the beginning of a change in our lives!", the organization says.

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