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on 06 May 2016

Pamela Anderson has launched her own vegan cooking show. The 48-year-old 'Baywatch' star is a staunch animal rights campaigner and has now launched her own online cookery program via website Thesensualvegan.com, which combines her culinary skills and her activism. The website features a range of vegan-friendly recipes that are designed to be fun, energetic and good for your general mood. She has created the website in conjunction with Delahna Flagg, who has spent the last 20 years working in the food and nutrition industry. Delahna's biography reads: "Since culinary school she was seduced by aphrodisiacs and has studied nutrition and holistic wellness to encourage healthy living through sexy eating. Delahna hopes one day she can convince the world that food and love are the best medicine." Meanwhile, Pamela has announced the launch of two vegan accessory lines, including Pammies, a cruelty-free boot that comes in five colors and three styles. The actress is also set to launch another range which includes an additional seven shoe designs and a beach bag. (blink.htcsense.com)

on 29 April 2016

When most people think about burgers, they imagine a beef patty or two, cheese, lettuce, and maybe even bacon on a soft white bun. A competition on Instagram, however, is hoping to change all that by proving burgers can be just as delicious, and eye catching, when completely vegan. The competition was started by Instagram account Best of Vegan, and aimed to showcase the most creative vegan burgers that people could invent. Followers of the account got to work creating burgers before photographing then and uploading the pictures to Instagram under the hashtag #Bestofveganburger. The Best of Vegan account, which has more than 615,000 followers, is run by Kim-Julie Hansen, a passionate vegan based in Brussels. Ms Hansen said she's been very impressed with the competition entries, and is happy that both vegans and non-vegans have supported it. (dailymail.co.uk)

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on 22 April 2016

Novak Djokovic, who is currently ranked as the No. 1 in men's singles tennis, knows the importance of diet and nutrition. The Serbian tennis player experienced a huge change in his performance and fitness when he consulted with a nutritionist and became gluten and dairy-free. So when the tennis star and his wife, Jelena Djokovic, decided to open a vegan restaurant, they stated it was a result of their shared passion for healthy food. The restaurant, Eqvita, is located in Monte Carlo in Monaco and featured prominent tennis stars this past Sunday for a preview night, including Andy Murray, Grigor Dimitrov, Fabio Fognini, and Tomas Berdych. The restaurant is set to feature healthy vegan dishes and cold-pressed juices. Djokovic has stated that Eqvita is more than a restaurant to him, since: "It's a concept. A story. A love story to be precise. Pretty much a personal once, since I shared it with my Jelena." (clearlyveg.com)

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on 14 April 2016

After measuring the ecological impact of the average Dutch person's diet, the the Netherlands Nutrition Center concluded that eating less meat is better for people's health and the environment, and they recommended that Dutch citizens cut their meat intake to two servings per week. A few other countries are also recommending a reduction in meat consumption for both human and environmental health, but so far, livestock industries have succeeded in watering down recommendations in the United States, even as most other countries have ignored the overwhelming harm to the environment of meat consumption altogether. (thegoodfoodinstitute.org)

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on 08 April 2016

The Huffington Post, in association with The Times of India Group, have reported that there's more to fear in milk than just run of the mill pooh. The Department of Biochemistry at Bhavan's Vivekananda College conducted a study on adulterants in milk in Hyderabad, India. They found sucrose, skim milk powder, neutralizers, salt, urea, formalin, hydrogen peroxide and detergents in their samples. While skim milk powder, and salt can only be blamed for reducing the nutritional value of milk, the side effects of urea, formalin (a mixture of water and formaldehyde), and detergents can be responsible for diarrhea, kidney damage, hypertension, and even cancer. The article says formalin is added to prolong shelf life, urea is added to improve the whiteness and consistency of milk, and detergents are mixed with water to mimic the foamy appearance of unadulterated milk. (ecorazzi.com)

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