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on 01 April 2016

A vegan diet is void of all animal products and is instead based entirely on plant foods, including fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains. The US researches behind the findings used data on over 26,000 men to study how omnivorous and plant-based diets affected the chances of developing prostate cancer. In total, 1,079 cases of prostate cancer were reported in the group, with around 8 per cent of those in men with a vegan diet. The researchers at Loma Linda University in California found a 35 per cent reduction in prostate cancer risk in men who followed a vegan diet, which they called “statistically significant”. Professor Gary Fraser, who led the study funded by the World Cancer Research Fund, said: “This new research makes a significant step in linking a vegan diet to reduced prostate cancer risk. He added that further research was needed to determine the extent to which such a lifestyle could reduce the number of men developing cancer. Prostate cancer affects more men in the UK than any other form of the disease, with 47,000 new cases identified each year. Of these, over 10,000 men will die each year. Dr Panagiota Mitrou, director of research funding at the WCRF, said that due to the high number of prostate cancer cases, prevention is the key to cutting the number of men developing the disease. (independent.co.uk)

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on 25 March 2016

Because of the efforts of a single vegan student, the University of Manchester is now offering a vegan menu in it's dining halls. While vegan food in a college doesn't seem like big news, it's awesome to watch young vegan activists and youth fight for their own rights, and the rights of animals everywhere. Aless Donebauer, 18, is a mathematics student at the University. "Hopefully the new menus will help educate people as to how veganism is great for not just the animals, but also the environment and our health," she told the Mirror. Donebauer cited sustainability and ethics when she took her ideas for a vegan menu to the dining team and won a small victory for herself and future campus vegans. Miles Kitchiner, the head of catering, says that the new menus are very successful. "It's been very well received that we're providing the choice and the variety to all students. We've found that non-vegan people are also enjoying the dishes, so it's a win-win." (ecorazzi.com)

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on 18 March 2016

Living life with compassion and an open heart comes easy to Ashley Hampton. A sophomore studying community and non-profit leadership and digital studies at University of Wisconsin, Hampton is best known by compassion for animals and her passion for raw veganism, a sub-genre of the eating lifestyle in which only uncooked non-animal products are consumed. And through her love for animals, Hampton has manifested a vibrant community of vegans on both Instagram and Youtube. Under the title "Raw in College," Hampton runs her vegan platform through social media as well as her website rawincollege.com. Combining all of the social media platforms, Hampton has accumulated more than 23,000 followers, to whom she frequently shares new, raw recipes with other vegans and prospective vegans around the world. (badgerherald.com)

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on 11 March 2016

Metropolis Farms is not only the first indoor hydroponic vertical farm in Philadelphia, it's the first vegan-certified farm in the nation and the only known vertical farm to operate on the second floor of a building. A vegan farm means no pesticides, herbicides, animal manure and animal bi-products. The company boasts that they were certified under the rigorous standards of the American Vegetarian Association. Using artificial lighting, climate control and other patented farming techniques, stacks of plants flourish in tall towers inside the South Water Street building. The farm also reduces its energy output through the use of robotics and hopes to transition to solar energy soon. Metropolis Farms grows herbs, greens, tomatoes and more crops year round in a very small space—about 120,000 plants in only 36 square feet—and with a lot less water by using hydroponics. The farm claims to use 98 percent less water since it just recirculates and 82 percent less energy compared to conventional and organic farms. (ecowatch.com)

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on 03 March 2016

On Friday, February 26, 2016, the Indian Embassy, in collaboration with Animal Friends Croatia, will organize an Ayurvedic luncheon for some state officials, members of diplomatic corps and Ayurveda stakeholders to introduce the ancient Indian tradition of self-healing through a healthy diet. The Ayurvedic luncheon will be held at the Sheraton Hotel and hosted by His Excellency, Sandeep Kumar, Indian Ambassador to Croatia. The luncheon will include a lecture by Tomislav Petrusic about the Ayurvedic principles and sampling of a selection of vegan dishes from the Ayurvedic cookbook by Senka Kuser-Mijic. Carrot and orange soup, sesame and peanut rice, bulgur salad, sesame hummus, samosa, Ayurvedic rice pudding and other plant-based delicacies should meet the standards of even the most critical gourmets. (prijatelji-zivotinja.hr)

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