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Green Monday - What is It?

Photo by Vegan Liftz

Green Monday is a part of an international campaign that is running in over 30 countries worldwide.

Animals Friends introduced Croatia to this global campaign, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy diet and also how food production affects the environment by encouraging citizens to consume food that is of plant-based origin at least one day a week.

Eating plant-based foods at least one day per week is a positive step toward improving one’s health, preserving the environment, and protecting animals.

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As part of the campaign, you will receive a number of recipes and free information and educational materials which will help you introduce a plant-based diet into your life, workplace, school, or in a local restaurant.

The city of Zagreb is the first Croatian town that has shown support for this campaign by signing the Green Monday Declaration. In the meantime, the Ministry of Agriculture, the town of Samobor, the Ministry of Health and the former President of Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, have also shown support for the campaign.


Why Monday?

For most people, since Monday is at the beginning of the week, it is an ideal day for introducing changes. We plan our week on Monday and start activities for the next six days. Research shows that it is easier for us to stick to behavioural changes if we start them on Monday. This is why Monday is ideal for introducing changes into our lifestyle for both our health and the health of the entire planet.

Every Monday is an opportunity to make the right decision. And if you miss this Monday, next week is an excellent time to kick off with Green Monday!


And what about Tuesday?

If you have already recognised all the advantages that Green Monday provides you and the environment, and are asking yourself, what about Tuesday and other days of the week – then this is the answer to your question:

After you develop the habit of spending one green day per week eating food of plant-based origin, you may feel healthier and happier and ask yourself, why can’t I feel like this for the rest of the week? Well, the decision is in fact yours – only you have the power to decide whether to join the millions of others who have completely changed their diet and built it into their way of life and thinking, thereby helping to create a better world for us all.